Russians Project Laser Image of Obama Eating Banana on US Embassy in Moscow

Image of laser projection 
YouTube screenshot

President Barack Obama hasn’t been getting a lot of love in Russia these days, and reinforcing that message, protesters projected a racially charged image onto the U.S. Embassy in Moscow on Monday as he celebrated his 53rd birthday, the Huffington Post reports.

The image, which was projected by laser beams, depicted Obama in a birthday hat with a banana going in and out of his mouth, HuffPost notes. Other projections included “Obama” and “happy birthday.”


According to the news site, the Moscow Student Initiative laid claim to the offensive imagery.

As the Huffington Post notes, Obama has been the subject of an increasing number of offensive and racist stunts in Russia recently. A banner of the president mimicking the “Three Wise Monkeys” was also hung near the U.S. Consular Section in Moscow on Monday.

Read more at the Huffington Post.

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