Russell Westbrook Takes Them All On

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Russell Westbrook is on a tear this season. The Oklahoma City Thunder guard is closing in on averaging a triple double and is in the conversation for MVP of the league. Last night the guard faced off against old teammate Kevin Durant and the Golden Skin State Warriors, and it looks as if the two still aren’t on speaking terms.

The beef between the two started in the offseason when Durant bolted from the Thunder to join their nemesis the Warriors. The two tried to downplay it, but the emotions have been high between the All-Star players and their teams ever since.

During Thursday night’s game, Warriors center Zaza Pachulia fouled Westbrook hard. The foul wasn’t the issue, but as Westbrook rolled on the floor in pain, Pachulia stood over him, staring.

Westbrook had this to say about the incident after the game:


He also made it clear that he and Durant aren’t on speaking terms:

Although it’s unclear whether Westbrook was talking about Durant after the game, he can clearly be heard here telling a teammate not to talk to his “bitch ass”:



Sidenote: The game, which the Warriors won 121-100, also produced this epic travel from Westbrook:

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