Rush Limbaugh (Getty Images)

Colbert I. King, in his Washington Post column, responds to Rush Limbaugh's most recent anti-Obama tirade, calling his vitriolic attacks an example of the mindset that stands in the way of saving the country.

"So for Colbert King to say, 'Rush Limbaugh, his biggest concern was Republicans should do nothing to help Obama.' Damn right. Damn right. Helping Obama hurts the country."
 —Rush Limbaugh, radio talk show host, July 25

Rush Limbaugh was responding to my observation during Gordon Peterson's "Inside Washington" show on ABC-7 last weekend that an anti-Obama mood was fueling some of the opposition to getting anything done in Washington. Referring to Limbaugh's commentary earlier in the week, I said that he made "no reference to saving the country, no such reference to averting disaster with the debt ceiling. It was a question of helping or hurting Obama."

I wasn't wrong. Limbaugh continued his anti-Obama rant during last Monday’s show: "Mr. King is, in a way, exactly right … The point is you can't save the country if you don't defeat Obama."

Which helps explain the virtual knee-jerk opposition of right-wing Republicans to anything that comes out of the Obama administration. It also explains their willingness to put the country on the path to economic suicide if the downgrading of U.S. debt will help bring down President Obama. For wingers, there is no price too high to pay to break Obama. Sabotaging the president of the United States is, in their view, good for the country.


Read Colbert I. King's complete column at the Washington Post.

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