Rush Limbaugh
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

According to conservative radio host Rugh Limbaugh, the infamous Obama selfie taken with the British and Danish prime ministers was "the biggest selfie boo-boo since Weiner," comparing the group self-shot to the NSFW photo tweeted out by disgraced Anthony Weiner years ago.

Limbaugh slammed the president for "embarrassing" the first lady while posing for photos with the blonde "babe" from Denmark—as Limbaugh referred to Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt.

"There is no question Obama was enjoying whatever was going on between the two of them. He took a selfie in the middle of the ceremony honoring Nelson Mandela, and in all of the pictures Michelle is not looking pleased, not involved, not engaged, not looking happy. In fact, in the series of photos that have been taken, Obama gets up to leave to go make his speech, and when he comes back, Michelle has taken his seat next to the babe from Denmark so that Obama can't sit next to her," Limbaugh said on his Wednesday show, according to a transcript.

The radio host also accused the president of being "self-involved" and "narcissistic," implying that in taking the selfie the president had somehow dishonored Mandela’s legacy.

"Anybody with any sense of decorum, manners, would. I mean, this is a really self-involved, narcissistic thing to do. The reason you're there is to accept the torch being passed from Mandela to you, and what do you do? You take a picture of yourself with the Denmark babe while the memorial is going on? It isn't cool," Limbaugh added.


Limbaugh also took the time to praise former President George W. Bush for not making "a spectacle of himself."

"Now, if George W. Bush had done this with the Danish babe, do you think that the guy who took the picture would have written, 'Well, what's the big deal? Why, it's just the same thing we would be doing.' Would this idiot photographer have forgiven George W. Bush?" Limbaugh asked.

"The fact of the matter is, George Bush was there and didn't do anything like this. The fact of the matter was George Bush was there and sat right next to his wife the whole time. George W. Bush was there and did not make a spectacle of himself. George W. Bush was there and did not try to make the event about himself. And they tell us that George W. Bush is the idiot and the embarrassment?"


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