Running Backs, the NFL and Morality

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the Cleveland Browns' Trent Richardson(Al Bello/Getty Images)

Running backs, the NFL and morality: Slate's Robert Weintraub says it's immoral to keep high school running backs from going pro straight out of school because the toll the game takes on them "warrants a backfield exception."

BeBe Winans on why he sang at the RNC: In short, because it was a good gig and he saw no reason to turn it down. Plus, the singer says, "Politicians are people."


What happened to the Egyptian revolutionaries on Time's cover? According to Foreign Policy, "the Tahrir faithful are still chipping away at the Old Guard — one YouTube video at a time."

Artur Davis blasts Black Caucus: The former Democratic lawmaker from Alabama who switched parties and spoke at the Republican convention on Tuesday says that African-American critics are simply attacking him "to get their name in the paper."

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