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Shortly after the Alabama Senate special election, Roy Moore was allegedly seen standing outside waiting for Doug Jones’ victory tour bus. When Jones emerged, a battered and desperate Moore began singing to the senator-elect and his entourage.


View footage of the scene below:

Yes, Moore is still trying to convince the lawn-chair-sitting, mud-truck-racing, Budweiser-drinking folks of Alabama that he’s still got it. Moore has vowed to fight the good fight, and he doesn’t care that the election is over and his better days are behind him; he ain’t conceding.


And, get this, Moore is out here begging for money for an “Election Integrity Program” that would look into alleged “reports of potential voter fraud.”

“The integrity of this election—and future elections—is hanging in the balance,” reads an email that Moore’s campaign team sent to HuffPost.

Here’s how the news site reports Moore’s unwillingness to get his Frozen on and let it go:

In the days since Jones’ surprising election win, Moore has repeatedly insisted to his supporters that the “battle rages on.”

“In this race, we have not received the final count to include military and provisional ballots. This has been a very close race and we are awaiting certification by the secretary of state,” Moore said in a video released last Wednesday.

Officials have said that it was very unlikely those final votes would change the outcome of the election.


But why would Moore let facts stop him?

After his historic win, Jones said: “Alabama has spoken. It was a close election, there’s no question about that, but elections can be close sometimes. But now it’s time to heal. Now it’s time to move on and go to the next thing.”


Moore was reportedly last seen crying on the doorsteps of Alabama voters vowing to make it work if they would just take him back.

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