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Rihanna's Tweets Land a Man in Jail

Rihanna (Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)
Rihanna (Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

Like most entertainers, Rihanna uses social media to connect with her fans from around the world, as well as promote her entire life to maintain her notoriety and fame in the public eye. But all that tweeting and Instagramming may be doing others more harm than good.


A bar owner in Thailand has been apprehended by police after Rihanna tweeted details from a wild night she had at the owner's venue, according to the Associated Press

Officials on the island of Phuket, 420 miles south of Bangkok, said Monday the bar owner faced charges of obscenity and operating an entertainment venue without a permit.

Local district chief Weera Kerdsirimongkon said the man was arrested Saturday as part of a crackdown on shows featuring naked dancers.


Rihanna's Hangover II-like times in Thailand, which took place in September, were also responsible for the arrest of two other men. The singer took to her Instagram account to post pictures of herself posing with a slow loris, an animal on Thailand's protected-species list. Police soon arrested the two men who were charging tourists to take photos with the creature, according to the New York Post.

In related Rihanna news, a fan will be sentenced Nov. 5 for attacking a police officer at a Rihanna show in June. According to the Shields Gazette, Nicola Bradford was intoxicated and acting unruly at the singer's concert. After taunting an officer with racist remarks, she bit into an officer who attempted to apprehend her, breaking his skin and causing him to bleed. 

Read more at Page Six and the Shields Gazette.

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