Rick Ross (Jeff Fusco/Getty Images)

The Associated Press reports that rapper Rick Ross (Williams Roberts II) was arrested in Louisiana on a marijuana-possession charge on Friday, issued a misdemeanor summons and released from custody.

Police responded to a complaint about the smell of marijuana at the Hilton Hotel where he was staying, and found a gram of marijuana when they investigated.


Ross wasn't the only big name to get in trouble in Shreveport that night. According to the Examiner, Philadelphia Eagles player Jason Peters was also taken into custody and charged with disturbing the peace after he refused a request by police to turn down his music.

Both were reportedly in town for the same party — a birthday bash for a local DJ. Note to Ross and Peters: You may be used to getting VIP treatment at the club, but that definitely doesn't mean you can expect the same from the police.

Read more at the Yahoo News and Examiner.com.

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