Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks addresses the media about upcoming Super Bowl XLVIII at the Westin Hotel in Jersey City, N.J., Jan. 30, 2014.
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Kevin Sherman, better known as star NFL player Richard Sherman's dad, has been driving a garbage truck for 26 years, and he's not about to stop just because his son is famous and makes a much bigger paycheck than he does.

"It's a job that I don't too much like, but I've done it all my life," he told NFL Films in an interview earlier this season. "The only goal for my son was education, so … he got more education than I got."


Sherman still gets up at 3:45 in the morning and even works on holidays because of overtime in the sanitation department, refusing to cave to the apparent pressure from his peers. 

"People say, 'Let your son take care of you.' Yeah, but I've got a few years left until I retire. Why would I mess up my own retirement? Why should my son have to foot everything? I have a medical plan that will cover me. Why should my son have to pay my medical bills? It doesn't make sense to me," the pragmatic dad told a Los Angeles Times reporter.

According to Business Insider, Richard Sherman said that his dad takes his job so seriously that he even left his son's home early on Christmas in 2012 so that he could travel back to L.A. and get back to work the next day. "That kind of hard work, that kind of blue-collar mentality, is what got me where I am," the proud Seattle Seahawks cornerback said.

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