Rev. Jeremiah Wright

I'm not sure why the Rev. Jeremiah Wright won't just shut up and keep the president's name out of his mouth. Even given the way he nearly brought down an election with his rhetoric, Wright still finds a way to talk about Barack Obama. I understand that he's aman of the clothe, called to a ministry. But so much of his gospel seems fueled by ego and demagoguery, and he would do his friend a favor by just disavowing him altogether. Wright is like that wacky uncle who's had too much to drink and just doesn't know when to stop going hard at folks.

Rev. Wright was a polarizing figure during the election,and remains so. He doesn't seem to have any substantive criticism of the Obama's policies, just a lot of barstool stories about this, that and a third. Still, Wright is an American just like the rest of us, and entitled to his opinion. I wonder, if there is some constructive role Wright's voice could lend to the conversation about the Obama administration. I think Wright has some good points, even if he is unable to articulate them without the fire and brimstone.

Since Wright seems to be hanging on to the spotlight with both hands, what would you like to hear him say or see him do that could actually benefit everyone and inform our scrutiny of Obama?

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