Republicans Move One Step Close to Shoving Amy Coney Barrett Onto the Supreme Court

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Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee moved one step closer to making America eat the goddamn cake on Thursday, as they advanced the nomination of Ruthless Records’ own Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, despite her being a heartless Neo fight-style dodger of questions.


Democrats boycotted the vote but that was the equivalent of righteous America trying to explain that President Donald Trump is a charlatan to missing teeth America. The vote was merely a symbolic gesture because barring a miracle from Ruth Bader Ginsburg herself (If you’re listening RBG, anything that you can do from Heaven would be greatly appreciated), this ACB is going to be on the Supreme Court, as there is nothing that can be done to stop this train from running straight up America’s ass.

Thursday’s vote now paves the way for the “full Senate to confirm Barrett to the high court on Monday, ahead of the Nov. 3 election between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden,” CNBC reports.

Republican Congress members on the committee—or Lindsey Graham and The Mighty Trumptesticles—have done the master’s bidding and soon the court will be so conservative that they may stop wearing black robes because they are too revealing. Trump also will have the highest court in the land stacked in his favor should he want to challenge the outcome of the presidential election. This is also assuming that Russia can’t hack this year’s election in favor of Trump.

For the record, when Judge Barrett becomes Justice Barrett, this will be the first time in history that a Supreme Court Justice has been confirmed so close to Election Day.

Here is what we know about Barrett: She “was a professor at Notre Dame Law School until Trump nominated her to serve on the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals approximately three years ago, will be the sixth Republican-appointee on the nine-judge Supreme Court, and Trump’s third nominee,” CNBC reports.

The Root’s senior reporter Michael Harriot also found out this little caveat:


But you can’t blame the Democrats for not trying to make a show of it. While they didn’t attend “Thursday’s committee hearing, they left supersized posters of individuals who rely on the law in their seats. Republicans denounced the gesture as theatrics,” CNBC reports.

“We will not grant this process any further legitimacy by participating in a committee markup of this nomination just twelve days before the culmination of an election that is already underway,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said in a statement that was signed by the committee’s Democrats.


This whole thing has been nothing but bullshit and the Republicans know it, but they are in power, so they are running the show, and the rest of us just have to sit back and act like this isn’t some bullshit.

Senior Editor @ The Root, boxes outside my weight class, when they go low, you go lower.


The Dark One 508

seriously. they didnt even need to have the committee. they wanted her, they all said tehy were going to confirm whoever it was, so, here they are, ramming her through.

i hope biden doesnt fuck everything up, and hearing he’s looking at putting republicans in his cabinet, he’s on the right track to do exactly that. so, we wont be packing the courts or removing an impeached presidents court picks.

pretty awesome time to be an american.