Republicans Attack President Obama Over Mosque Comments

President Obama

Republicans are having a field day over President Obama's comments about freedom of religion in reference to the mosque to be built on private land, two blocks away from the Sept. 11 site. Apparently, the president's support of a plan to build a Muslim cultural center near ground zero is an indicator that he is "disconnected" from the American people. Uh, huh. Perhaps it is Republicans who are disconnected from the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It is amazing that under the guise of upholding the Constitution, some Republicans are plotting and planning how to undermine it with their attack on the 14th Amendment — and now this. We guess they have forgotten that many, if not most, of their ancestors fled their home countries to avoid religious persecution. Luckily, we haven't. This is why we need political science and ethnic studies programs in our schools so that Republicans can learn their history. Unbelievable.

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—Nsenga K. Burton


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