Reports Of Amari Cooper Being Shot Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

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Truth is a fickle thing in this day and age. One of the darkest and strangest phenomena to occur in the age of social media is the death hoax; where a false report about a notable figure’s untimely demise goes viral. Wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, Amari Cooper, found himself at the end of one of these hoaxes.


According to NBC News, Cooper had to take to Instagram on Wednesday after a false report went out claiming he had been shot in a Dallas parking lot. On his story, Cooper wrote “That was fake news ya’ll, everything good over here.” The report was sent out by The Offseason, a Twitter account that was deleted with the quickness. Dez Bryant, a former wide receiver for the Cowboys, responded to the news on Twitter.

The report was so widespread that even the Dallas Police Department had to respond.

I never understood chasing clout with a lie. Especially with a lie that’s so easily debunked. Now you’re the one that looks stupid. It’s not clear if Twitter deleted the account for The Offseason or if it’s owner just decided to dip after being found out. The timing of this hoax feels particularly mean spirited coming after the deaths of Kobe late last month and Pop Smoke earlier on Wednesday. We’re already dealing with enough real losses, there is no need to make more up.

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