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Rep. Weiner: I Sent Photo, Won't Resign


Rep. Anthony Weiner said Monday that he had lied about the origins of a lewd photo sent from his personal Twitter account nine days ago, although he added that he would not resign from office because of the scandal.


"I have not been honest with myself," Weiner said at a press conference in New York City Monday afternoon. "I am deeply ashamed of my terrible judgment."

He added that he would not resign his office: "Nothing about this should reflect on my official duties or oath of office," he said, adding that he didn't believe any government resources were misused.


Weiner had previously refused to answer questions about the episode in which a picture of an underwear-clad groin was sent to a college student in Seattle. He said at the press conference that he had meant to send a direct message to the woman and "panicked" when he realized he had instead sent it out to all of his Twitter followers.

The New York Democrat added that he had engaged in other online relationships with women, though no physical contact ever resulted. Asked directly whether there were other X-rated photos of him on the Internet, Weiner declined to comment. He did say that "inappropriate things were sent by me" to the women.

Read more at the Washington Post.

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