Rep. Steve King Trots Out Diamond and Silk in Legislative Announcement

 Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa)
Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa)
Photo: Drew Angerer (Getty)

Rep. Steve King, the Iowa Republican deemed so racist by his own GOP that party leaders removed him from all the House committees on which he sat, has found a new cause: championing vets and homeless people in the name of two of Donald Trump’s most favorite “blacks,” Diamond and Silk.


According to the Washington Examiner, King released a press release Monday touting his plan to sponsor legislation he calls “the Diamond and Silk Act,” aka “the End Sanctuaries and Help Our Homeless and Veterans Act.”

The point, King says in the release, is to take federal dollars from so-called sanctuary cities that refuse to persecute aid undocumented immigrants and funnel those dollars into programs for veterans and homeless people, according to the Examiner, which reports King said he was inspired by a talk he had on the issue with the always-verbose if vapid pair.

Guess a guy who openly touts a love affair with all things white nationalist would have no problem taking advice from two among “The Blacks” who often seem to pattern themselves after some of the worst stereotypes regarding black people: loud and wrong.


But maybe the truth is in the legislative label itself: the Diamond and Silk Act.

Because, as the Examiner’s Becket Adams opines, King must be kidding—about a subject no one should play with: that of homelessness and the serious needs of the nation’s veterans:

King has already invited [Diamond and Silk] to a State of the Union address and even to testify on digital censorship. Now he’s bringing them in to jeopardize a bill aimed at something as serious as helping the homeless and veterans. This is both idiotic and cruel to those whom the legislation is intended to serve.


But, hey, it must get dull having little to do when your own folks have pulled your playa card for playing a little too fast and loose with that white supremacist label and truly shining a light on jeopardizing the GOP brand.


Dhiraj Naseen

I feel like an appropriate Diamond and Silk Act would take federal dollars away from states with inordinate purveyors of badly made wigs - the scourge of the black community at present.

D&S are ideal ambassadors...