Mark Wilson/Getty Images News
Mark Wilson/Getty Images News

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that following a prolonged absence from Congress for medical reasons and mushrooming legal battles, U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. may not return to his position.

Congress met Tuesday but U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. was a no-show, a continued absence from his official duties that began June 10.

Several political sources close to Jackson told the Chicago Sun-Times Wednesday they no longer believe this is temporary ­— they do not expect Jackson to return to his position.

That's after Jackson checked in and out of Mayo Clinic for bipolar depression as well as a revelation that he is under federal investigation, attempting to negotiate a plea deal and has hired one of the highest profile attorneys in Chicago — onetime U.S. attorney Dan Webb.

Still, members of the Illinois delegation did not bring up his name Wednesday when Democrats met on the first day of a lame-duck session.

"It's hard to imagine him coming back at this point but I suppose anything's possible," said U.S. Rep. Mike Quigley (D-Ill). "I think that this will be coming to a head very soon, it's just my hunch as this is playing out… I'll leave it to the voters of the district to figure out how that happens. I do think this will be coming to a head soon."


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