Rep. Ilhan Omar Accused of Being a Homewrecker in Explosive Divorce Filing by DC Doctor

Rep. Ilhan Omar
Rep. Ilhan Omar
Photo: Chip Somodevilla (Getty)

A Washington, D.C., doctor is accusing Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar of being the reason her husband left her, in explosive divorce papers she filed in D.C. Superior Court.


According to BuzzFeed, which credits the New York Post for first reporting on the filing, Dr. Beth Mynett said that as a result of her husband, political consultant Tim Mynett’s, “shocking declaration of love” for the freshman congresswoman, she is seeking a divorce.

Beth Mynett, citing the numerous threats that have been made against Omar — a very public figure and frequent Trump target — also requested primary custody of the couple’s 13-year-old son.

A son who, according to the divorce filings, was introduced to Omar on the low by Tim Mynett. At the Mynett family’s favorite eatery. While Beth Mynett was away.

Beth Mynett, 55 and medical director for DC’s Corrections Department, said she was down to save her marriage, but that her husband told her that was “not an option.” He then packed his bags and moved out in April of this year, BuzzFeed reports.

Tim Mynett, 38, is a political consultant whose consulting firm, E Street Group, has been paid more than $200,000 by Omar’s campaign since 2018. 


Neither the Mynetts nor Omar’s office responded to requests for comment by BuzzFeed. E Street Group declined to comment.

Omar, 37, who herself is married with three children, has been the subject of attacks on the subject of marriage. Some conservative groups accuse her of having married her brother to commit immigration fraud, as the Washington Examiner explains.


It’s a claim that dates to opponents to her initial run for office, and she has maintained that the claim is ludicrous. Omar is married to a man named Ahmed Hirsi.

In any case, this latest news regarding the divorce filing will certainly add to the “buzz” that has followed Omar practically since she became one of the nation’s two first Muslim-American women to be elected to Congress. (The other is Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib.)


Omar is a frequent target of conservatives, and of Donald Trump in particular. In one of the most recent incidents, Israel, following Trump’s suggestion, denied her and Tlaib entrance to the country.



Not gonna believe this until I see some receipts. Too much bullshit being thrown on Omar to believe every smear that comes her way.

Edit: and even IF it is true, doesn’t change her politics for me. Men in politics step out on their wives all the time and no one checks them for it. Half our past presidents were philanderers, not to mention the current rapist-in-chief.