Remember the Guy in St. Louis Who Was Waving an AR-15 at Black Lives Matter Protesters? Well, He’s Running for Senate

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Do you believe that slavery was bad and that Black people should have equal rights? No? Great! How would you like to become a congressional candidate for the GOP? That seems to be the only bar you have to clear to become a politician in the Republican party. Remember that guy who was waving an AR-15 at Black Lives Matter protesters last summer? Apparently, he believes that threatening people marching for equal rights is enough of a platform to run for Senate in Missouri.


According to CBS News, Mark McCloskey announced on Tucker Carlson’s nightly klan meeting TV show that he would be running for the U.S Senate in 2022. “God came knocking on my door last summer disguised as an angry mob,” McCloskey told Carlson. “And it really did wake me up.”

If you don’t remember—which I wouldn’t fault you for given the metric ton of fuckery that occured last year—protesters in St. Louis were marching to the home of then-Mayor Lyda Krewson to demand she resign. They were upset that she went on Facebook Live and essentially doxxed activists who suggested city budgets that included defunding the police. The protesters walked past McCloskey’s home and instead of minding his business, he and his wife pulled out their guns and began yelling at the protesters.

The McCloskeys alleged that the protesters broke the gate to their grotesque mansion and they were reacting out of fear. The leaders of the protests have said the march was peaceful and they weren’t even thinking about Scrooge McDuck. I mean McClosky, my bad.

The incident made the couple celebrities in conservative circles, because the GOP loves nothing more than dramatic displays of bitch-assness. The two were guests at last year’s virtual Republican National Convention, and helped campaign for Donald Trump’s failed reelection.

The incident also resulted in McCloskey and his wife being charged with unlawful use of a weapon by St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, with a grand jury indicting them on those charges and a charge of evidence tampering back in October. Their case is set to go to trial in November, though Republican Missouri Governor Mike Parson has already said he would pardon them should they be convicted, because of course he did.

Missouri’s incumbent Republican Senator Roy Blunt announced in March that he would not be seeking a third term next year, and McCloskey is just the latest Republican to throw his hat into the race. Former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens, who resigned in 2018 after a sex scandal, has announced his candidacy, as well as Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt.


McCloskey has already put out a campaign video, and trust me, it’s just as washed as you probably expected. He simultaneously takes a position of “they’re trying to scare and divide you!” while also scaring his potential voters by straight up saying “the mob is coming for all of us.”

He goes on to say he’s against cancel culture, even though the GOP has very much embraced it by canceling Liz Cheney over a lie, and that he believes critical race theory is “poison,” and systemic racism is a “lie.”


“This is a country that is open to all races, all nationalities, all religions, but the point is you come here, you work hard, we all pull in the same direction and that high tide floats all boats. That’s why when people say there is systemic racism, maybe that’s an excuse,” McCloskey said in an interview with KMOV.

Ah, yes. Because nothing says old, rich, white man more than acting like an authority on an issue that doesn’t even affect him, and he likely knows very little about.

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So far the Republican lineup is a crooked lawyer who got his 15 minutes by pointing guns at a bunch of people who weren’t even paying attention to him, and a former governor who resigned in disgrace after leaking revenge porn shots of a woman he was having an affair with while ALSO assaulting her

Real good crowd, these Republicans.