Relatives of Charleston Shooting Victims Speak Directly to Accused Shooter at Court Hearing

Dylann Storm Roof appears on video feed in front of a magistrate judge June 19, 2015.
ABC screenshot 

The notorious alleged Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal shooter is now being held on a $1 million bond for a weapons charge in the crime that left nine people in Charleston, S.C., dead and a community reeling. 

Appearing before a magistrate judge via video on Friday, Dylann Storm Roof spoke only when asked direct questions and remained expressionless and emotionless throughout most of the hearing.

The magistrate judge acknowledged not having the authority to set bond on Roof's nine murder counts, meaning that the 21-year-old will remain in custody pending another hearing with a circuit judge for those charges. 


The judge gave family members of the victims the opportunity to speak directly to the accused murderer. Those who spoke expressed forgiveness as they referenced their faith through their pain.

The mother of Tywanza Sanders, the youngest of the victims in the attack at 26 years old and a recent college grad, told Roof, "Every fiber in my body hurts."


South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley stated in an interview on the Today show that the state will "absolutely" want Roof to face the death penalty in the shooting that took place Wednesday night, calling Roof "a person filled with hate."

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