Anne E. Kornblut of the Washington Post is reporting that Reggie Love, President Barack Obama's personal assistant, is exiting the White House. Love, 30, a key member of the Obama entourage, is planning to leave the White House by the end of the year.

The onetime Duke Blue Devils' basketball player started off as a staff assistant and basketball buddy, rising to personal assistant to President Obama. President Obama referred to Love as his "little brother" and said that the 6-foot-4 aide kept him on schedule. Love is reportedly leaving to focus on his executive MBA program at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Kornblut writes:

"Over the years, Reggie has been a friend, a teammate and an indispensable member of my staff," Obama said in a statement. "From my Senate office to the White House, his ability to juggle so many responsibilities with so little sleep has been an inspiration to watch. He is the master of what he does. And even though I will miss seeing Reggie every day, I want to thank him for his service and wish him all the best as he begins a new chapter in his career."

Love is leaving to focus more on his executive MBA at Wharton? Yeah, OK. We're not buying it. Why would Love leave the White House when his services are needed the most? The bromance is clearly over. We won't speculate; we'll just wish him continued success.

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