20 years later: Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings: Twenty years ago, the nation was spellbound by a political and sexual drama that played out before the Senate Judiciary Committee. NPR takes a look back at the profound effect on the country.

Best Man sequel coming soon? Deadline reports that Universal has set Malcolm D. Lee to write, direct and produce Best Man 2, a sequel to the 1999 film.


Reactions to Tyra Banks' Modelland: Check out what people had to say about the model, talk-show host, actress, businesswoman and now author's latest venture. Spoiler alert: She probably shouldn't quit her day job(s).

Black Republicans hot and cold on Cain: With strong first-place finishes in straw-poll picks and an unusual bounce in national polls, Herman Cain is now real for the GOP primary. But Politics 356's Reniqua Allen says that one group largely ignored is the Republican Party's "lilliputian size bloc of Black voters" and "how they perceive him may make or break the primary of color phenom."

In other news: Russell and Kanye Stop by Occupy Wall Street.

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