'Redneck Day' at an Arizona High School?


OK, what part of the game is this?

Student council members at an Arizona high school thought it would be fun to host a "Redneck Day" to build school spirit leading up to prom week, according to the Huffington Post.

The idea was for students at Queen Creek High School in Queen Creek, Ariz., which is outside of Phoenix, to dress up as characters from the A&E reality series Duck Dynasty, which follows the Louisiana family responsible for a popular duck-call hunting product known as the Duck Commander.

But things quickly went awry when a student showed up at the school wearing a Confederate flag.


"I was livid," an African-American mother whose son attends the school told Phoenix-based Fox affiliate KSAZ. "Nobody that I talked to thinks that that's OK. That just symbolizes something evil, bad."

She noted that even before a student showed up with the flag, her son found the concept of the day "degrading," the Huffington Post reports.

To answer the question, this is the part of the game when administrators should have cried foul. In fact, they should never have allowed the game to start. But it appears that both students and administrators are in need of deep racial-sensitivity training.  

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