I read this joint about how black men are hit harder by unemployment, and it just struck me—sadly—like a no-brainer. Last hired, first fired is the rule, and that rule always seems to hit people of color the hardest. Luckily, most of us know something about being broke, so we don't go jumping off bridges or trying to fake our own death. We buy lots of chili beans and spaghetti, and hit the bricks trying to find the next thing.

Most cats are laying back on some kind of unemployment or severance pay. Only he truly fearless amoung us is quiting their gig or trying to make any power-moves. I think you'd be surprised at the gigs that are recession-proof. Like, this is probably one of the only times when being a mail-clerk in a company is the safest position you could possibly have—I mean, the mail don't deliver itself, right? All the jobs we look down on—that involve cleaning or manual labor are madd-safe. You went  and got your master's only to be downsized, but you know what? As long as that building is standing, someone still has to clean the toilets and change the lightbulbs.

Are there any more jobs for black men that are recession-proof?

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