Five New Orleans police officers have been indicted on 11 counts of misconduct and wrongdoing in the shooting and subsequent cover-up of the murder of Henry Glover on the Danziger Bridge following Hurricane Katrina. You may recall that Officer David Warren, who is charged with murdering Henry Glover, shot Glover. When two men, one of whom was Glover’s brother, attempted to take Glover to an elementary school that had been taken over by SWAT, they were beaten and their car was taken with Glover’s body in the back. Three months later, the car was found stuck in the mud of a Mississippi River levee, charred and abandoned with Glover’s body in the back seat. The cover-up included police officers and the coroner who never flagged the body as possibly being involved in a homicide. We could go on and the story actually gets worse, but we’re utterly and completely disgusted. In fact, we just threw up in our mouths a little bit. Read more at: -Nsenga Burton