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The Real Housewives of the Bible DVD coming soon: Tired of all the drama and immoral behavior on reality television? You're in luck. And even if you're not, you might be entertained. Dr. Ty Adams, author of the best-seller Single, Saved and Having Sex and the forthcoming Married & Not Having Sex, promises that this Christian take on trashy TV will "bring in a whole 'nother level."

Trump now "won't rule out" running for presidentAnd we won't rule out thinking he's beyond ridiculous.


Finance lesson for high school grads: Debt is slavery: Well, when you put it that way, those credit cards that are always pushed on college students don't seem so tempting. Read the rest of the Wall Street Journal's money tips for young adults heading out into the real world.

Master P's daughter to be Nickelodeon's newest star: Nickelodeon has greenlit the series How to Rock, starring Master P's daughter, Cymphonique Miller. The live-action series will feature original music. We're guessing her style is slightly more kid-friendly than her dad's.

In other news: The Rosa Parks of Saudi Arabia.

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