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Here are a few books for sports nuts, celebrity junkies, and those who enjoy a good, old inspirational story.


Character Driven: Life, Lessons, and Basketball

By Derek Fisher with Gary Brozek

Simon & Schuster, September 2009

Although he isn't always in the spotlight, Fisher, the Lakers' starting point guard who has 13 seasons under his belt, has a story to tell—one that includes personal family struggles and his journey to win four NBA championships.
Shooting Stars

By LeBron James and Buzz Bissinger

Penguin, September 2009

James teams up with the author of "Friday Night Lights" to go back to where it all began: his youth basketball team in Akron, Ohio. The unlikely memoir traces the young boys' determination to overcome the challenges of their circumstances and capture life lessons on the court. Read the recent New York Times review of "Shooting Stars."
Rome 1960: The Summer Olympics That Stirred the World (Paperback edition)

By David Maraniss

Simon & Schuster, July 2009

In 1960, athletes like Muhammad Ali (then Cassius Clay), Wilma Rudolph and Rafer Johnson landed on Rome amid a turmoil political time—which included a fight for civil rights—to forever cement unforgettable and captivating moments in the event's history.
On the Line

By Serena Williams with Daniel Paisner

Grand Central, September 2009

As the younger Williams sister battles through the 2009 U.S. Open, her memoir aims to not only reveal the tenacious competitor, but also the off-court personality of one of tennis' most accomplished players.

Think you’re going to read any of these titles?

Check out a video of Pulitzer Prize winner David Maraniss as he discusses the little-known story of Ethiopian runner Abebe Bikila, who competed in the 1960 Olympics.


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