Malcolm Beech and the President

Civil War re-enactor Malcolm Beech poses with an Abe Lincoln impersonator.

Photos courtesy of Malcolm Beech. Captions by The Root's editorial staff.

No Cannon Fodder

Bernard George, Malcolm Beech and Harvey Gooding.

Black Soldiers in the Civil War


These re-enactors bear the colors of a unit from the U.S. Colored Troops (yes, that's what they were called).

Black Cavalrymen


The U.S. Colored Troops had men on horseback as well. When they were sent West after the Civil War, the Indians called them Buffalo Soldiers.

Adding Color to the War Between the States


From left: Civil War re-enactors Sammy Aiken, Dr. Joseph Askew, Harvey Gooding and Malcolm Beech.

Off to War (Again)


African-American re-enactors re-create the segregated units of the Civil War.