Rating Obama: Take Our Poll

President Barack Obama (Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Jan. 20 marks the third anniversary of President Barack Obama's historic inauguration as the nation's first African-American president. From health care reform to the economy, education and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the president has faced a number of tough decisions since being sworn into office.

How's he doing? How would you grade his performance? As Americans prepare to head to the polls to decide if Obama will get a second term, what issues are most important to you this election year, and how well has the president handled them?


Tell us! Share your opinions in The Root's 2012 Presidential Report Card Survey. Grade the president's performance on the issues, his leadership style and his dealings with the nation's lawmakers.

Will Barack Obama win re-election in November, or will victory go to his Republican — or even a third-party — opponent? We want to know what you think. Take our survey today!

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