Fresh from our "dream on" file, rapper Drake wants to play President Obama. The rapper, who has had a meteoric rise to fame, has now set his sights on playing President Barack Obama in a film. He says, "I don't want to do the typical black film that everyone expects. I think that I have enough experience to actually be involved in a real meaty project full of substance." Uh, huh. Wow; aiming for the most coveted role for a black and/or biracial actor in the history of film takes chutzpah. If Drake were to get that role, you might see a brawl along the lines of the infamous Pistons-Pacers fight between rappers and trained actors. Not to diss rappers, some of whom can act, but we're just not sure about this one. He doesn't even play a rapper very well. Besides — a celebrity smackdown between him and Jeffrey Wright would be much more entertaining than watching Drake play President Obama.

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