Rapper DaBaby Detained by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police. Rapper Says Video Proves He Was Targeted

Rapper DaBaby speaking to reporters after he was released from police custody
Rapper DaBaby speaking to reporters after he was released from police custody
Photo: Screenshot from WSOC-TV

He said, they said. Rapper DaBaby was detained and cited by police after his concert in Charlotte on Monday night. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police claim that the rapper had marijuana in his car and that he resisted and obstructed them. The rapper insists that he was the victim of an illegal search and that he did not resist police.


“Dirty (expletive) police department try to take me to jail every time I got a show in the city,” DaBaby posted to his Instagram stories. “Unlawfully shining multiple flash lights in my car looking for reasons to support an illegal search by the time I get off stage.”

The rapper, whose legal name is Jonathan Kirk, told Charlotte’s WSOC-TV that he has video footage that shows the entire interaction with police. “Ya’ll gon’ see a video on my Instagram tomorrow,” he said.

A statement issued by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department said that officers “smelled a strong odor of marijuana” coming from Kirk’s vehicle as he entered the arena for his concert. The statement says that officers:

“attempted to initiate a voluntary contact with Kirk. Officers stated that Kirk walked away from them and he refused to speak with the officers. Officers stated they detained Kirk in handcuffs and indicated they legally searched the vehicle. Officers stated they located marijuana in the vehicle and Kirk was transported to another location for the safety and security of Kirk and the officers.”

The statement also said that while police initially sought to arrest Kirk and charge him with marijuana possession and resisting and obstructing police, they ultimately decided to issue the citation for possession, resistance and obstruction instead of arresting him.

The department has started an Internal Affairs investigation to determine if officers followed department policies.


A post from DaBaby’s Instagram stories shows police shining lights into his vehicle during the concert. Stay tuned to see if the rapper posts the video he says shows his interaction with the police after the concert.


Gameface doesn`t play nice with others

Since we know that a great number of police officers break or fracture the law while executing their duties, a suggestion might be....I don’t know.....to drive a car without weed present. If I know I’m being targeted, I’m not going to give them anything but a practice session of harassment and a probable lawsuit for the same harrassment. They are gonna do whatever the fuck they want, make up charges, illegal searches, manufacture evidence, etc. We can’t necessarily stop that at the point of interaction BUT we can keep ourselves from giving them anmunition for probable cause to fuck with us. He has the money, sue them for ruining his day. But please, smoke your weed back at home or your hotel dude.

On a related note: I heard his music last week on snl for the first (and last) time.. He should save his money while it lasts and/or diversify. I’m just sayin.