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Rap Songs of the Arab Spring, Obama's Father's Day Letter and More

Barack Obama with Malia and Sasha Obama (Uptown magazine)
Barack Obama with Malia and Sasha Obama (Uptown magazine)

The rap songs of the Arab Spring: Who knew? NPR reports that since December, musicians have been responding to the protests in countries like Egypt and Tunisia, and much of the music being made about these movements is hip-hop. Listen to five of the best songs here.


Black Tony Award nominees: Well, the list certainly won't take too much of your time to read. But it might introduce you to some new faces. According to the Atlanta Post, the story of black people and the 2011 awards can be summed up in one word: musicals.

Could the NBA have a lockout, too? Owners and players are reportedly "very far away" from a deal. And with the union saying the league hasn't moved off its harshest demands, it may be hard to get closer in time to prevent a lockout. Time to start following gymnastics or bowling, just as a backup plan?


Father's Day letter from Obama: He hasn't called out black fathers again … at least not yet (so far, only a few passages are available). Read the whole thing in People magazine, on newsstands Friday. 

In other news: Natural-Hair Entrepreneurs Cash In on Guidance.

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