Random-Ass White Woman Rolls Up on Spanish Speaking Family and Demands to See Their Passports

Passport Peggy out here being racist and shit.
Passport Peggy out here being racist and shit.
Screenshot: YouTube

Emboldened by the support of her cousins, a.k.a. the police, and deputized by no one, some random-ass white woman decided to roll up on a Spanish-speaking family who was minding their own damn business in a Virginia restaurant last week and declared: “Show me your passports!”


No one knows who this random-ass is but from now on she will be referred to as Passport Peggy. Citing the Treaty of Trump and Code Seven of the Basic Bitches handbook which states: “A white woman can demand at any time that people show her their passports, and if said persons don’t comply, a white woman is allowed to call her cousins and report this as a crime,” PP also demanded that the people “go back to your fucking country.”

The family didn’t tell the woman to “go fuck herself” which is the proper response to this level of harassment; instead, like others before her, the woman’s antics were recorded and shared over the Internet and have now gone viral.

According to the Hill, the confrontation occurred in Andy’s, a restaurant in Lovettsville, Va. The woman continued her trashy ass comments outside the restaurant, claiming that the family was not to “freeload on America” and noting that she’s “tired of this shit.”

The white woman, however, ignored that fact that she could’ve left the family the hell alone since she didn’t know them and could’ve gone on about her random-ass day but instead decided to create a confrontation and then be tired of it.

Andy’s restaurant denounced the woman in a Facebook post, calling her “a vile and loathsome individual” and basically telling her to go fuck herself.

“Thank you—and we mean this with all the aforementioned respect that you rightfully deserve—for never returning to Andy’s. You are not welcome,” the restaurant wrote, according to the Hill.


Also, go fuck yourself, Passport Patty.

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White people know they are mediocre as fuck , especially when it comes to people of different backgrounds and ethnicities. Pissed off because you can’t understand what others are saying in their native tongue?

There’s a remedy for that. It’s called: learning the fucking language.

Nothing pisses mediocre white people off more than witnessing something they can’t be a part of, taking place right in front of them. 10 bucks says every member of this family was born down the street from her ugly vile white ass. As a black woman who speaks both Spanish and Portuguese, I always make it a point to speak in both languages to those whose native tongue it suits. And if I do it in public, White people become straight TRIGGERED!

Dear white people,

With all disrespect, Fuck your mediocrity, your insecurities, and yo couch.