Rae Carruth, the Devil’s Favorite Wide Receiver, Is Released From Prison After 18 Years

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There are certain people who just aren’t redeemable: Osama Bin Laden; Chrisette Michele; Dylann Roof and, undoubtedly, Rae Carruth.

Carruth is the first black man the Coalition for Black People would argue didn’t get a long enough sentence for his role in masterminding the death of the mother of his unborn child. The shooting left his son permanently handicapped.

After serving 18 years in prison, the former Carolina Panthers wide receiver is free. Carruth, also known as the Devil’s Favorite Wideout, was released from Sampson Correctional Institution in Clinton, N.C., Monday.


According to CBS Sports, Carruth left prison and didn’t speak to reporters. They probably wanted to know why Carruth didn’t opt to serve the remaining six years of his prison sentence because even he knows he’s not redeemable. Carruth could save a bus full of babies; donate all the money he makes to ending world hunger; carry his now 18-year-old son—who suffers from brain damage and cerebral palsy due to lack of oxygen after the shooting—on his back 14 miles everyday to and from medical appointments and he still wouldn’t make the long list of people Archangel Gabriel has to interview about getting into heaven.

Here’s how CBS Sports breaks down the events that lead to Carruth becoming a star player on the Devil’s Dirtbags:

Carruth was a first-round draft pick of the Carolina Panthers in 1997 following an impressive career as a wideout at the University of Colorado. He appeared to have a promising NFL career ahead of him. But during his third season with the Panthers, he was involved in shocking murder-for-hire plot that brought his football career to an immediate halt.

He was found guilty of orchestrating the murder of Cherica Adams, who was eight months pregnant with Carruth’s child, in North Carolina in November 1999. Carruth, then 25, paid Van Brett Watkins $6,000 to kill Adams so that he could avoid paying child support. Adams was shot four times, but she was able to implicate Carruth via a 911 call before falling into a coma. She died less than a month later.

Doctors were able to save the life of the child, Chancellor Lee Adams, who was delivered by emergency cesarean section. The 18-year-old suffers from permanent brain damage and cerebral palsy due to being deprived of oxygen in the minutes after Adams’ shooting.

And. Get. This. Shit.

Carruth has claimed he wants to be part of his son’s life. Saundra Adams— Cherica’s mother, Chancellor Lee’s grandmother and the hero of this story —has raised the child since birth.


Rae Carruth, if you are reading this, please stay out of this boy’s life. He doesn’t need you. But you can forward any money you make directly to Saundra Adams.

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Don’t forget he sued for custody after the murder, gave interviews where he never took responsibility and basically blamed the Adams family, and his mother spent almost 10 years in court trying to fuck over Adams.


This only touches on what a piece of shit Carruth is.