Racist White Lady Goes Peak Mayonnaise During Pro-Lynching Tirade at CVS

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Screenshot: LA Taco

On Tuesday, CVS shoppers in Los Angeles were in for a special treat when a crazy white lady decided to do her best Mel Gibson impression and go on a racist rant.


“I hate niggers!” she yells before storming out of the store in the viral clip.

Off-camera, another person can be heard saying, “Yeah, she’s on drugs or something.” To which, the crazy white lady stops dead in her tracks and does an about-face.

“No, I just hate niggers,” she clarifies. “Fuck you, niggers! I hate niggers!”

She continues, “I would kill a nigger, but the law says I can’t kill the niggers! If the law didn’t say that I couldn’t kill the niggers, they’d all be dead.”

Look, lady. We didn’t give you that long-ass receipt, so I don’t know why you’re coming at us like that.

Buzzfeed News reports that this MAGA-esque madness went down in L.A.’s Eagle Rock neighborhood and the LAPD is currently investigating what they’ve categorized as a “hate incident.”


Another customer, 38-year-old Renée Saldaña, recalled the incident to Buzzfeed News:

When Saldaña first heard the commotion, she was confused because she didn’t hear the racist threats and thought it was maybe just a mother yelling at their child. But that changed once she heard the woman yell the n-word and scream about wanting to lynch black people. “I was like, what the hell is happening?” Saldaña said. “I couldn’t hear anyone else. I didn’t hear a confrontation. I could only hear one voice traveling through the CVS yelling really hateful, violent things. Everyone was confused; no one knew what was happening.”

Saldaña said she was standing at the front of the store with about 10 to 12 other customers and CVS employees when she made the decision to follow the woman and the other customer filming her out of the store. Saldaña said she thought, “If this gets violent, I want to make sure I get this on tape.”


“Aside from being a threat to the woman who was filming it, it was one of those incidents where you felt like, Man, does she have a gun? Is she going to come back in here?” Saldaña told Buzzfeed News. “It felt like there was violence in the air.”


In a separate video recorded by Saldaña, the crazy white lady puts a little extra sauce on her diatribe.

“I’m not running from you niggers! I’m not running from you niggers!” she yells, before chanting, “If you lynch a nigger, then yep! If you lynch a nigger, then yep!”


OK, then.

I bet she won’t pull that bullshit at the CVS on Crenshaw and Coliseum in Leimert Park—the black-ass mecca of my beloved City of Angels.


“It’s very frustrating because this community likes to see itself as very progressive, but look what the fuck is happening with someone in our community,” Saldaña said. “That’s why it bothered me so much. This woman, who looks like anyone you could see at a PTA meeting or next to you in yoga class, is out here terrorizing people in CVS.”

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Why are people saying she is on drugs? Racism is not a side effect of any drug. LOL please stop with that bullshit. Y’all are trying to rationalize this nonsense. That white privilege even affects people of color thought processes.