Racist Teeth Giuliani Baffles AM Joy Panel with Poor Lawyering

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If you fell into a deep coma in the weeks after the tragic events of September 11, you might’ve briefly left this plane thinking then-NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani was capable, honest and at the very least, a decent guy.


If you did in fact fall into a deep coma in the weeks after 9/11, welcome to 2019.

Rudy Giuliani is an idiot.

After watching clips of Giuliani’s inane appearances on NBC and CNN’s Sunday morning shows, MSNBC’s AM Joy panel, led by Joy-Ann Reid, was stunned.

Giuliani, America’s Mayor turned owner of America’s most segregated teeth, suggested that the testimony of former Presidential counsel and current Mueller marionette Michael Cohen, may not have been lying throughout his entire testimony.


The discussion followed Giuliani’s Meet the Press stop, wherein he revealed that Trump may have been negotiating to build a namesake tower in Moscow as recently as November of 2016.

Cohen, who has already plead guilty of lying to Congress about the timeline of the negotiations, may have spoken to Trump about his testimony, according to Giuliani.

“I don’t know if it happened or didn’t happen. It may be attorney-client privilege if it happened, where I can’t acknowledge it. But I have no knowledge that he spoke to him, but I’m telling you I wasn’t there then,” Giuliani told Jake Tapper during CNN’s State of the Union.

When pressed, Giuliani, who was once married to his cousin, said as far as he knew, Trump had not had discussions with Cohen where Trump “told him or counseled him to lie.”


Commentator Tara Dowdell openly remarked on Giuliani’s uncanny ability to snitch on his client.

“Every week,” Dowdell said, “Rudy Giuliani gets on national TV and confesses another crime. I expect him in two weeks to say ‘Trump is guilty of everything’.”


Kurt Bardella, former GOP house staffer, was shocked.

“I don’t think he understands anything that he’s saying half the time at this point,” Bardella said. “It’s almost like does Rudy even talk to Donald Trump at all? This has got to be the worst lawyer in the history of mankind,” he continued. “He should be disbarred for being such a terrible lawyer.”


While Bardella critiqued Giuliani’s prowess as a lawyer, EJ Dionne came with the jokes.

“I do billion-dollar deals all the time, so some of them just kind of slip my mind, I guess,” Dionne said. “If there’s ever a trial on all of this, I think a whole day of the trial will just be jurors watching old Rudy Giuliani tapes and clips because the number of times he is essentially confirming Trump lied through his teeth about doing business with Russia in that period ― it’s just astounding.”

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Raineyb1013, Misfit Black Girl Island Denizen

Rudy Ghouliani has always been racist trash and frankly, only a white man could be this bad at his job and still have one.