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Racist Note Left at Calif. Hair Salon Calls Black People an ‘Eyesore,’ Prompts Hate Crime Investigation

CBS 13 screenshot
CBS 13 screenshot

Turns out people can’t even do their hair in peace any more. A popular hair salon in Elk Grove, Calif., has now become the center of a hate crime investigation after a threatening, racist note was left on the front door of the establishment.


“You fucking blacks cause too much damage. Your [sic] a fucking eyesore to this town! Get out soon,” read the note, which was left at Dream Girls Fine Hair Imports and Salon.

The sad thing is that this is apparently not the first time the establishment has been threatened.


Sharie Thompson, the owner, told CBS 13 that there have been verbal threats before, but not actual hate mail. Nonetheless, she is unruffled, saying that neither she nor her business is planning on going anywhere anytime soon.

“We’re staying, and my business is staying here, and we’re going to fight, and we are not going to tolerate the hate now; we are not going to tolerate people coming to my door and opening it up. That’s why I have a lock here now, to keep them out. I just want to make sure Elk Grove stands with me,” she told the news station.

Thompson and her business have been on that particular block in Elk Grove for more than 12 years, and she still can’t believe that someone would target her salon that way. Detectives, thankfully, are taking the note seriously and investigating the incident as a hate crime.


Read more at CBS 13.

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How come racists can never spell?