Racist Fliers Reading ‘Let’s Get the Blacks Out’ Spark Outrage in Mich. Community

Stephen A. Crockett Jr.
Fliers like the one above began popping up in a Southfield, Mich., neighborhood Aug. 23, 2015. 
WXYZ Screenshot

There is a flier being distributed in Southfield, Mich., that shows a photo of a Klansman in a hood pointing his gun at the head of a black child who couldn't be more than 6. The black child is wearing a white hoodie and is extending a bag of Skittles to the man.

Another flier shows a photo of Trayvon Martin. The caption reads: "George Zimmerman was right. We will stop thugs like this."


And if the message wasn't clear in the first two fliers, a third shows the photo of five white public officials, three of whom are expected to run for office in Southfield in upcoming elections, with these words: "Let's get the blacks out of Southfield in November."

Angry residents told Fox 2 Detroit that the fliers begin showing up Sunday on the doorsteps of homes in the area.

Kenson Siver, a white candidate for mayor in the Detroit suburb, whose photo appears on one of the fliers, denounced the racist literature as dirty politics and added that the hateful message goes against the city's diversity, which he said makes Southfield great.

Tamiko Denson told the news station that she was raised in Southfield and that her mother was on the front lines during civil rights marches and still lives in the city.


"She experienced getting hosed down," Denson told Fox 2 Detroit. "Decades later, you would think it would be better; we are going back."

Read more at Fox 2 Detroit.

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