Rachel Dolezal’s Older Brother Allegedly Sexually Assaulted Her: Report

Rachel Dolezal 
Rachel Dolezal 

Rachel Dolezal may have accused her older, biological brother, Joshua Dolezal, of sexually attacking her when she was a teenager, and forcing her to look at nude photos in a National Geographic magazine, according to court documents obtained by TMZ and BuzzFeed.

According to the documents, Joshua Dolezal has been charged with four counts of sexual assault of his younger, adopted sister. In the documents for that case, an older sister in the family described a 1991 incident during which she allegedly was attacked. The older sister’s name is redacted; however, Rachel Dolezal is the only other daughter in the family, TMZ reports. BuzzFeed also reported the possible reference to Rachel Dolezal.

Joshua Dolezal was reportedly about 16 or 17 when he threw the older sister to the ground, pulling up her shirt and allegedly sexually abusing her, according to the documents. The older sister said Joshua Dolezal showed her National Geographic photos of topless African women and told her that he masturbated to them. 


The older sister then said, according to the documents, that Joshua Dolezal was “turned on by the black body and was curious about black women sexually.” 

Joshua Dolezal, according to TMZ, has not been charged in the alleged incident involving the older sister, and the statute of limitations has expired. 

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