Race and the Debt-Ceiling Debate

Rep. Eric Cantor (Getty Images)

The debt-ceiling debate has been long and hostile, and polls show that Americans just want a compromise and will blame GOP lawmakers over President Barack Obama if the debt limit isn't raised. Uptown's Charles Ellison wonders what's holding things up, and whether green is the only color informing Republicans' approach to the conversation:

Some of us are wondering what role race plays in bringing it to this level. A lot of us can’t help but notice the level of pure and unprecedented public disrespect towards the Office of the President these days. Cats refuse to negotiate. Normally, folks will barter, trade and haggle behind closed doors on tough policy knots. Washington, especially in the summer, can get nasty — but, recent negotiations over the debt ceiling have gotten downright stank …


[House Majority Leader Eric] Cantor wasn’t the only one as raucous House Republicans jumped in throwing rhetorical spitballs and GOP Presidential candidates joined in to see who could clown on President Obama the worst. What party base poll could get the temperature of a misguided, struggling, mostly rural and exurban working class movement of Caucasians riled up about their black president?

There's a growing band of pundits who are asking out loud: "what's up?" More openly: "WTF??"

Source: Uptown magazine.

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