Raccoon to Memphis, Tenn., Family: ‘Look at Me, I’m the Renter Now’

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Screenshot: Fox 13

A family of raccoons has invaded a Memphis, Tenn., family’s house and terrorized Karlyn Shamley and her two daughters. Not only have the raccoons ransacked the house, but the home’s landlord doesn’t seem to care about the problem the Shamleys are having.


According to Shamley, there’s a hole in the roof of her house and in one of the walls, which is how the raccoon family managed to make its way into the home. But she says the landlord hasn’t done anything to remedy the situation. Just last week, the mother raccoon staked her claim to the home with a stare-down with Shamley outside the home.

Even though Shamley is renting the home, she says the landlord wants her to take responsibility and call pest control.

“I feel like I shouldn’t have to pay that because they came in through a hole that was leaking, that’s been leaking for months, and if he would’ve fixed it, this would’ve never happened,” Shamley said in an interview with WSB-TV.

The mother raccoon and her babies have made themselves comfortable in Shamley’s bathroom, and although they are not paying any rent, they have managed to make Shamley and her daughters leave their home.

Raccoons taking over in 2018.

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If you’re the landlord, even if you are a giant piece of shit who can’t see their responsibility to people renting a home from you, wouldn’t you think “oh crap, I better get this handled before those raccoons destroy my house!”?