Queen Elizabeth II Tries to Tap Poverty Fund

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II

According to the AJC, a government fund intended to provide subsidized heating to low-income Brits got some interest from an unexpected source: Queen Elizabeth II, who wanted help paying the bills at Buckingham Palace. The Independent newspaper quotes an unnamed official as gently reminding the royal household that the money was meant for local authorities, housing associations and those who actually need it. The newspaper said royal aides were looking for a way to pay the queen's spiraling utility bills, which had risen by 50 percent to more than 1 million pounds ($1.58 million) in 2004. The palace's response is that they were trying to help relieve the burden on taxpayers. Uh-huh. What should we call this — affirmative action or royal welfare? Times really are changing. 


Read more at AJC.com.

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