Qaddafi Texts Every Phone in Libya

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As the Qaddafi regime struggles to maintain control of the Libyan capital city of Tripoli, the Huffington Post is reporting that the country's only state phone company — controlled by a Qaddafi son — has been transmitting mass texts, including one promising that all government workers will be getting a 150 percent pay raise.

Other reported developments from a source in Tripoli include a rumor that Libyans who have made phone calls to CNN and Al-Jazeera have been killed or kidnapped, and a fear that the media's attention may soon wane before the revolution is won.


"It's like, 'OK, Libya, let's finish this,' and that's gonna happen, that's the nature of the news cycle. But we really need to fight that and keep people paying attention," the source said.

Paying attention might not be enough, though. We're sure that Libyans agree with the message Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson sent to President Obama this morning: Give Qaddafi a real message.

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