Put Them on Blast: Police Searching for Suspects Who Harassed Black Woman at Louisiana Walmart

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Police in West Monroe, La., are searching for two white men who followed and harassed a black woman at a Louisiana Walmart.


Because the overpoweringly nosy collective of social media knows all, suspects for the Nov. 29 attack were identified after the release of surveillance footage from the store.

According to KNOE, “West Monroe police say warrants have been issued for 22-year-old Dylan Reynolds and 24-year-old Michael Walters, each on a charge of Felony Hate Crime.”


Here’s part of what they report the police had to say on the incident:

On 11/29/2018 the West Monroe Police Department was dispatched to Walmart (1025 Glenwood Drive West Monroe, LA) in reference to a disturbance/property damage call for service. Upon arrival, it was learned a black female victim was terrorized while exiting the store in the parking lot area of the business for no apparent reason. While the victim was leaving the store and attempting to load her purchased items in her vehicle, she was confronted by two white males. While in the parking lot the victim was yelled at and called a “n- - - - -”. The female rushed the items in her vehicle and tried to escape the two white males while they were yelling racial slurs at her. As the victim fled the scene in her vehicle, one of the two white males chased after her on foot while pushing an empty shopping cart. The male violently crashed the shopping cart into the rear end area of the victim’s vehicle as she slowed for “speed bumps” in the parking lot near the front entrance area of the business.

Hmm! “No apparent reason.” What a random act of violence, then! Maybe they saw the woman buying Froot Loops and they’re Chex people. Maybe she had 11 items in the ten-items-or-less checkout. Maybe she got some Goldfish, the snack that smiles back, and didn’t smile in the first place. Maybe it wasn’t Maybelline.

Otherwise, what apparent, readily visible reason could there be? Why would they follow after this black woman and call her a nigger and damage her property?


Ahh, racism, it-which-must-not-be-named. Voldemort is shaking!

At the very least, the charges seem to be heading in the right direction; we’ll see how the story develops. In the meantime, watch your Aspercreme—these raggedy-ass racists have been getting bold.

Natalie Degraffinried is a senior editor for Kotaku.

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Can’t wait to hear how “that’s not really who we are” and how they’re “sorry if anyone was offended.”