Protesters at a North Carolina Confederate Monument Have Received KKK Flyers at Their Homes

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Screenshot: WSCO-TV

While most of us can acknowledge the fact that this country built so many monuments to a bunch of racist losers is deeply weird, racists will simply not accept anyone questioning the necessity of their big-ass participation trophies. So much so, that a group of people who protested a Confederate monument in North Carolina have received KKK flyers at their homes.


I’m always amazed at the amount of effort racists put into being racist.

WSCO-TV reports that in Statesville, N.C., there has been a growing effort by protesters to get a Confederate monument removed from a courthouse that sits in the heart of the city. Several people who participated in those protests have received flyers with the letters “KKK” written on them in bold red letters as well as the phrase “we see everything.”

“I had just had a friend drop something off, and my 11-year-old came running into my office with this flyer right here — he was terrified,” Genesis Houpe, a Black woman, told Channel 9. “It said, ‘KKK we see everything,’ with the business card and candy in it. He was terrified when he got this.”

“He cried and he asked me, ‘Do we need to move? What should we do?’” Houpe said. “I’m just a woman who wants to see change and her kids to grow up in a community without this kind of hate. That’s all I’m working to do.”

According to Statesville Police Chief David Addison, the flyers began showing up at people’s homes last Saturday. Earlier in the week, county commissioners voted 4-1 to move the monument from the courthouse. Obviously, sending flyers to harass people in their homes is going to reverse that decision.

As mentioned earlier, Houpe was not alone in receiving a flyer. Sheriff Darren Campbell told the news outlet that 66 other homes throughout the county received the flyers. Law enforcement has said that there hasn’t been a crime committed, but they will continue to investigate the incident.


This whole fervor white people have worked themselves into over racist-ass monuments is just so bizzare. I don’t understand getting so worked up about monuments of people who weren’t just racist, but failed in what they were trying to do. Maybe I’m just different, but I tend to look up to people who were, you know, successful, and don’t have the KKK stanning for them.


Raineyb1013, Misfit Black Girl Island Denizen

Of course the police aren’t looking into it; they probably helped the ku kuck klan get the addresses in the first place.