Professor in Arizona Arrested for Jaywalking Given 9 Months of Probation

Ersula Ore
Courtesy of Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office

Arizona State University professor Ersula Ore—who made national headlines after video of her being manhandled during an arrest for jaywalking went viral—has been sentenced to nine months' probation, according to the Arizona Republic. The English professor was charged with assault after a confrontation with an ASU police officer in Tempe.

Despite arguing that the arrest was unlawful, Ore pleaded guilty to resisting arrest. However, her plea does not change the fact that she and her lawyer believe the arrest for jaywalking violated Ore's rights. "Personally, I'm wondering what about me seemed to be a threat, so much so that it warranted an officer touching me and violating me. I am hurt, upset, angry and humiliated. I deal with fears on a regularly hourly basis—they wake me up at night," Ore told the court.


Ore was originally charged on May 20 after she refused to provide identification when stopped by ASU officer Stewart Ferrin. According to the Arizona Republic, Ore can be heard in the video telling Ferrin, "I never once saw a single solitary individual get pulled over by a cop for walking across a street … in a campus location."

Though it's possible that Ferrin was just interested in curbing the very dangerous crime of jaywalking, Ore's supporters believe that the arrest was racially motivated.

Read more at the Arizona Republic.

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