Prince Fan Launches GoFundMe so She Can Get to His Funeral

Prince fan Meeka Late; Prince
Prince fan Meeka Late; Prince


I like to refer to it as Internet panhandling. In some cases, I completely understand when people launch a funding project for things like medical emergencies, evictions, you know … life emergencies.


But come on. We've all seen those GoFundMe pages where you're just like, "Son, seriously? Get a job."

And here's one of them.

Meeka Late launched a GoFundMe so she can get to Prince's funeral. It states:

My family is a huge Prince fan. I can remember growing up with Prince and Luther along with MJ playing loud early on Saturday mornings while my mom cleaned the house. However back then me and brother hated the sounds because we knew it was time to get up and turn off our cartoons and help clean.. But as time went on I realized that each of those Amazing icons had made a place in my heart. 

Now Prince hahahaha now that brother was something else. He didn't care about what others had to say about his selection of stylish clothing, or the way he handled his gift of music. Prince was Prince and there will be No other. 

Once again I would like to say Thank you for all donations small and large. I am getting a lot emails asking how the money will spent. So I decided it would be best if I did offer that bit of information. 

All donations will be spent on Airfare to Minnesota along with Hotel and A "Little Red Corvette" rental. O now wait Y'all know I gotta get me my "Raspberry Beret" Yes Honey the kind you find in a second hand store. Yes Yes y'all just don't understand!!!!!! 

Of course, the comment section is comedy gold:

"Bihhh you THOUGHT better sit at home & watch it on b.e.t with the rest of our broke asses," one person wrote.

Another said, "Gofundme? Really? Somebody needs to Gokickyou……idiot."

What do I think about it? Well, this Prince GIF sums it up: