Michael Reynolds-Pool/Getty Images
Michael Reynolds-Pool/Getty Images

Well, you knew Ol’ Donnie Boy wasn’t going to stay off Twitter forever. It took the president of white nationalism only a day to tweet his thoughts about former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony.


I will admit that this was an unusually short Twitter tirade, but it covered the usual tone-deaf bases that we’ve come to expect from this president of middle America.

I don’t know if the president of Florida has someone who turns the TV down on the parts that talk about what a horrible lying sack of vomit he is, or how the whole setup works, but it appears that the president of white supremacy heard only that no immediate connection between him and Russia was found during Comey’s tenure at the FBI.

USA Today notes that this was the president’s longest Twitter break since taking office. He was able to make it 2,753 minutes without tweeting because a staffer hid his phone inside the Constitution.

“His last (and only other) long break from the social media platform during his presidency was in April, over Easter weekend, when he didn’t tweet for 2,312 minutes, skipping over an entire Saturday,” the newspaper reports.


Let’s hope that the president of white individual snowflakes takes a permanent break from tweeting.

Read more at USA Today.

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