President TrumPutin Won’t Release His Tax Returns, so Stop Asking

Protesters in New York Cuty call on President Donald Trump to release his tax records April 15, 2017. (Jena Betancur/AFP/Getty Images)

The time has come when all of us have to accept defeat. TrumPutin is president now, and as has been evidenced in his first 100 days, he will do and say anything, including making up stuff, because he is delusional and he puts ketchup on his steaks.

As such, he won’t be releasing his tax returns, and we all know why. He’s a puppet for Russia and his returns might implicate him, so he won’t be showing them. Now one of his minions, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, has said just that.


On Wednesday, after word of TrumPutin’s raggedy proposed tax plan that will help only large- business owners and the 1 percent, Mnuchin said TrumPutin “has no intention” of releasing his tax returns to the public, the Associated Press reports.

Mnuchin even added that Americans have “plenty of information” about the president’s financial matters. What is he talking about? The one-page tax return that Rachel Maddow got her hands on (probably because TrumPutin faxed it over)? What other information do we have about this orange president’s finances?

I guess it doesn’t matter to this Honda Civic-ass administration that presidents have released their tax returns for decades. I guess TrumPutin voters don’t care that this is one of the few presidents in recent history to refuse to release his taxes. TrumPutin claimed that he was being audited by the IRS, but AP notes that he could have released his taxes even if he were under audit, which there has been no proof that he is.

“If I decide to run for office, I’ll produce my tax returns, absolutely,” he told an Irish television station in 2014. “And I would love to do that.”


Proving once again that the president is a liar, and I don’t know what we are supposed to do with this.

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