The New York Times reports that President Obama's fundraising has hit a lull. Both Obama and Mitt Romney, his competitor in the 2012 presidential election, are aiming to raise $750 million this cycle. However, as Romney and his wife Ann dip into their personal monies to increase campaign dollars, Obama's financial gains have slowed recently.

The drop-off — Mr. Obama raised $10 million more in March — signals a lull for the president as his Republican rival, Mitt Romney, has effectively locked down the Republican nomination and begun aggressively fund-raising for the general election campaign.

The Democratic National Committee, which Mr. Obama also raises money for, took in $14.4 million during April, less than it did in March. That brings Mr. Obama's combined haul to about $40.1 million, not including money paid by the party's joint committee for fund-raising expenses.

Mr. Romney's campaign said this week that Mr. Romney and the Republican National Committee, which have a similar joint arrangement, had also raised about $40.1 million. His campaign had not filed detailed disclosures with the F.E.C. as of Friday evening. The candidates are required to file by midnight on Sunday.

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