Former President Barack Obama Showed Up for Jury Duty in Chicago on Wednesday Like the Model Citizen He Is

Chicago Tribune video screenshot

Former President Barack Obama caused quite the stir Wednesday when he did what every single regular citizen of the United States should do every time he or she receives the summons in the mail: He showed up. In Obama’s case, it was at the Daley Center in Chicago to report for Cook County jury duty.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Obama arrived at Daley Center around 10 a.m. Wednesday, accompanied by his Secret Service detail, as helicopters circled above and members of the media lingered inside and outside the building to catch a glimpse of him doing the right thing.


Because reporting for jury duty is the right thing to do. You cannot at once complain about the justice system and be unwilling to do the one thing you have the power to do in order to create some sort of change.

When Obama walked into the jury room, he said, “This looks like Chicago right here. I like that.”

As Obama waited to find out whether or not he would be selected to serve on a jury, Chance the Rapper was across the street testifying at a City Hall budget meeting—speaking out against the city’s plan to spend $95 million to build a new police academy.

Obama was one of 168 potential jurors gathered for jury duty. He obliged those waiting with him by allowing them to take photos of him, shaking hands and signing copies of his book that some had brought with them. He did not, however, pose for selfies with potential jurors, the Tribune reports.


He watched the juror training along with everyone else, then worked in a judge’s chambers while he waited for his number to be called.

Before lunch, he was notified that he would not be serving on a jury. He, along with the other potential jurors on panel 6, was sent home.


He, like everyone else who was dismissed, will receive a $17.20 check in the mail for his trouble.

Read more at the Chicago Tribune.

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